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Опубликовано: 16.04.2017

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The same is true of appliances and to some degree, electronics. Deals on TVs are scarce leading up to the Super Bowl (when return policies become tighter to keep people from buying for the big game and returning it on Monday), but beginning in February, retailers start clearing out merchandise to make room for the new models announced at CES in early January. Most of those have April and May ship dates, so sales on TVs will continue well past Presidents Day.

But mattress pricing is less predictable and often confusing. The long weekend of deals  is well planned and typically offers lower-priced value sets at what appears to be a deep discount, or a percentage off other models that are hard to price check against competitive stores.

If you miss the sales this weekend, take heart. There's a new crop of online startups offering mattresses for sale without ever visiting a showroom. No high-pressure sale pitch to endure or negotiations needed.

The mattress market was ripe for disruption and now we've entered a time when technology has created an opportunity to do just that. First, the technology used to make Mattresses Today of foam creates something that is both comfortable to large number of people and easy to ship. Second, the internet has provided the platform to reach shoppers, doing away with the middleman (sorry Steve), and finally, we can thank Millennials.

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